3D Data is everywhere . Experience more in 3d

All Data Are 3dimensional

All data is multidimensional. They originate from specific locations and will have their own underlying context and meaning. Due to that, all data can be represented in a 3 dimensional way.

generate more value with 3D Data

These 3 dimensional data can be manipulated to benefit any organization. Using the latest digital technology, 3D data can be processed, analyzed, simulated and visualised to provide more insights and better understanding, which can lead to cost reductions, efficiency improvements and faster time to market.

business & operation improvement

Innoveam as a 3D data solution company can provide business and operation improvement for all organizations in various industries.

about us

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Innoveam is a regional technology solutions provider, using the latest ICT technologies to process, analyse, simulate and visualize 3D datasets to provide business & operations improvements solutions for various industries. Focusing on Enterprise, our experience in providing 3D data solutions within the region firmly places us as a major player in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, specialising in Engineering Design, & Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality content development.


We use & manipulate 3D data and develop custom content to be used by companies/ organisations to improve their business processes 


What We Do - in a bit more detail

3D Data Specialists

3D data is everywhere. As 3D data specialists, Innoveam can assist in the strategic manipulation of your 3D data to fulfill your business needs. This may include conducting analyses and simulation of system designs, and advanced and interactive visualisation of your 3D data. Integration of 3D data with other digital technologies allow for full digital transformation of your business processes

Applied Technologies

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3D Simulation (CFD, FEA, Game Engines)

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Motion Capture

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Immersive Virtual Reality

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Non-immersive VR/Interactive App

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360 Photo Capture

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Augmented Reality Apps

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Cloud Computing

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Artificial Intelligence

Cross Platform Virtual Collaboration

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IoT/Smart Sensors

our solutions

As engineers, it would be easier for us to understand the technical requirements of our clients in the industry. We are best positioned to develop custom digital content and applications in utilising 3D data, simulation and interactive visualisation technologies for companies to improve their business processes. 


Engineering consulting

We use 3D Computer Aided Engineering simulation and Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality technology for our clients in designing their equipment and facilities

  • Design Optimisation

  • Virtual Prototyping

  • Risk & Safety Engineering

  • Troubleshooting

  • Incident Investigation


digital transformation

We assist our clients to implement visualisation led digital transformation to optimise business operation processes. Strategic integration of multiple IR4.0 tech drive the transformation process, with custom built advanced interactive visualisation developed for better understanding of data and for effective collaboration.

  • Digital Twin Implementation

  • Custom Virtual Training

  • Effective Stakeholder Engagement

  • Virtual Collaborative Work Environment


Relevant Industries

3D Data is everywhere!

We mean it when we say 3D data is everywhere. With our 3D data handling capabilities, our engineering consulting and digital transformation solutions are applicable to almost all industries.


Oil & Gas / Petrochemicals


Architecture & Construction


Power Generation / Renewable Energy

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Themeparks & Museums




Military & Defense


Marine & Logistics


Education & Research




Agriculture Technology

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Our Partners

We don't work in silos

It is impossible to be part of the digital economy by working in silos. Partnerships and collaboration ensure our solutions are complete and beneficial for our clients. We hope to have more partners soon


our major clients

Forever grateful

We are always grateful for the trust and opportunities given to us by our esteemed clients, and we look forward to continue our successful partnerships long into the future




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